Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Endangered fish endangers L.A.'s water supply

There's a federal case going on right now (a week-long hearing began yesterday) that could result in a cutback in the amount of Northern California rain and snowmelt runoff diverted to Los Angeles in order to protect an endangered fish, the delta smelt; many delta smelt are apparently killed in the pumps used in the massive water diversion process.

The endangered delta smelt -- we will wither away in the desert sun so that he may live

A little context on current conditions here in Southern California from the MSNBC article:
Southern California's current water supply situation has been brought to the brink of crisis, meanwhile, by a perfect storm of drought conditions.

The Southern California region itself, particularly the Los Angeles area, is in the midst of a historic single-year drought. Meanwhile, the region's traditional sources of imported water are also drought-ridden. The Colorado River is in its eighth year of drought. And the State Water Project was only about 65 percent full this year after record-low Sierra snows.
I am all for endangered fish. But as I heard this story on the radio this morning, driving into work, I caught myself thinking "Screw the goddamn fish. We need that fucking water." Then, of course, I felt bad.

I'm truly going native here in Lotusville.

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Captain Colossal said...

I'm not letting them drain my pool.