Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gifts from the Sky

Still waiting for the rain we were promised. Although, reports say there's a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. That's exciting. In Peru, they're worried about heavier weather
Townsfolk in this desolate, high-plains hamlet not far from Lake Tititaca and the Bolivian border received the shock of their lives -- a meteorite that struck nearby with a thunderous bang just before noon Saturday, leaving a deep crater, an acrid smell and terrified villagers and livestock. . . .

"Even before it fell, there was a strong sound, like an airplane," said Marina Llanqui Mamani, 53. "And when it hit, it felt like an earthquake. Everyone was terrified. Even my animals were running all around in fear. Then there was a loud noise and a lot of smoke."

The pungent odor, experts say, could have been caused when the crashing object fused with such elements as sulfur in the soil.
LA Times.

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