Friday, September 14, 2007

Time of Reckoning: Long Beach Water Restrictions

The extended drought affecting the Southern California region, a drought along the Colorado River that feeds much of Southern California, and the recent Delta Smelt ruling are all factors behind Long Beach's new water usage restrictions:
The Long Beach water board has prohibited residents from watering their grass during the day, and limited it to only three times a week. They cannot use water hoses to clean driveways, patios, sidewalks or any other paved or cemented areas unless they use a pressurized water device.

Long Beach restaurants are barred from serving customers water unless expressly requested by diners. Hotels have to give guests the option of reusing towels and linens without having them washed every day.

Water officials say the city will scrutinize water bills for excessive use and create a hotline and e-mail system for residents to inform on "water wasters."
LA Times.

Experts predict another dry winter this year, which may lead to similar restrictions being implemented in Los Angeles. People that are concerned about Southern California water supplies -- and everyone should be -- have probably already adopted similar types of measures voluntarily.

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Kris said...

Does not serving water at restaurants really result in a significant water savings? To me, that's like banning lighters to cut down on gas consumtion. I am a fan of the ban on driveway and sidewalk watering though. That's always struck me as pretty inefficient.