Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Endangered fish endangers L.A.'s water supply

There's a federal case going on right now (a week-long hearing began yesterday) that could result in a cutback in the amount of Northern California rain and snowmelt runoff diverted to Los Angeles in order to protect an endangered fish, the delta smelt; many delta smelt are apparently killed in the pumps used in the massive water diversion process.

The endangered delta smelt -- we will wither away in the desert sun so that he may live

A little context on current conditions here in Southern California from the MSNBC article:
Southern California's current water supply situation has been brought to the brink of crisis, meanwhile, by a perfect storm of drought conditions.

The Southern California region itself, particularly the Los Angeles area, is in the midst of a historic single-year drought. Meanwhile, the region's traditional sources of imported water are also drought-ridden. The Colorado River is in its eighth year of drought. And the State Water Project was only about 65 percent full this year after record-low Sierra snows.
I am all for endangered fish. But as I heard this story on the radio this morning, driving into work, I caught myself thinking "Screw the goddamn fish. We need that fucking water." Then, of course, I felt bad.

I'm truly going native here in Lotusville.

Monday, August 20, 2007

In Paradise

Leaving work tonight, I crossed Grand Avenue and looked up the street to the northeast: the view was breathtaking. The day was spectacularly clear and the San Gabriel mountains rose massively green and hugely crinkled, just behind the flying silver forms of the Disney Center, right up the street from where I stood, gawking in the crosswalk.

I often forget how beautiful Los Angeles can be. Glimpses like the one I caught today hint at the fantastic potential of this place, situated between giant mountain ranges and luscious beaches, and tug at the hopes denizens of L.A. keep buried under our accumulated disappointments with and cynicism for our city.

Thunderstorm in Connecticut

I went home to Connecticut this weekend, where it rained. There was a long thunderstorm on Friday evening. It was wonderful.