Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The New Wave

The recent heat wave that baked Los Angeles for the past week, keeping temperatures above 100 degrees for long stretches through most of the region, resulted in 25 deaths.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Victory for the delta smelt; Los Angeles to return to dust

On the plane to Baja California on Saturday (it wasn't hot enough for us up here in L.A.), two stories in the LA Times caught my eye:
1) A tropical storm turning into a hurricane was headed for Baja and was likely to hit while we were there, and

2) the judge in the delta smelt versus continued flow of Northern California water to L.A. case had ruled in favor of the tiny, endangered delta smelt.
Both stories freaked me out a bit.

Some state water officials are saying that the ruling and the necessary cut-backs on the pumping of water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta could result in cuts of up to a third of the water supplied from the Delta. And that's a pretty big chunk of the total water we get in L.A.:
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which provides drinking water to nearly 17 million people, obtains 60% of its water from the delta. The district has already warned local farmers to expect a 30% cutback Jan. 1.
L.A. Times (emphasis added).

Others say that the state officials are playing Chicken Little. I really do hope that's the case. Otherwise, we're going to be seeing a great reduction in general turgor pressure here in the Southland. The tropical storm that was headed for Cabo dumped tons of water on Chiapas, killing seven, veered out to sea a bit, and veered back toward the Cabos, and is likely to hit tomorrow. We got on the last flight out before the storm was slated to make landfall. I wonder what the last flight out of L.A. will look like.