Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Future Looks -- Dry

By 2025 more than half of countries will face freshwater stress or shortages and by 2050 as much as 75 percent of the world's population could face freshwater scarcity, but policy measures and new technologies could help reduce the shortfall, report researchers writing in the journal Nature.

Shark Attacks

Sharks off the coast of Mexico are apparently hungry: the first deaths from shark attacks in Mexico in 30 years took place this spring. Some believe the recent uptick in shark sightings and attacks at beaches may relate to the decline in the populations of sharks' traditional prey, like salmon.

The Waters

I haven't followed the stories about the flooding in the Midwest as closely as I should have. One thing seems clear: the weather is out of joint. Drought here in Southern California, uncontrollable flooding in the Midwest, killer cyclones in Southeast Asia: water, the lack of it or the surfeit of it, seems to be something we will be dealing with for a long time to come.