Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Precious Bodily Fluids

Space toilet.

The election is over, and now I can stop obsessing about daily polling out of Western Pennsylvania. Time to care about water, the earth, sea mammals, weather, pollution, invasive species, and jellyfish again! I'm sure I've lost any and all readership this site once had during the long political hiatus. Oh well, we'll just have to start from scratch.

Toilet to tap is not just for the OC: it's coming to a space station near you!
Under the new system, urine undergoes an initial distillation process and then joins the rest of the recovered fluids in the water processor. The processor filters out solids such as hair and lint and then sends the wastewater through a series of multifiltration beds, in which contaminants are removed through adsorption and ion exchange.

"What's left over in the water are a few non adsorbing organics and solvents, like nail polish remover, and they go into a reactor that breaks them all down to carbon dioxide, water and a few ions," said Hand, a professor of civil and environmental engineering.

After a final check for microbes, the water is again clean and ready to drink.
Science Daily

Just a matter of time before we have this system in our homes, now that we are officially a hardcore commie nation.